All pets are different and unique. I will organise an initial meeting (completely free) with both you and your pet to find out your needs. This meeting helps you and your pet get to know me before feeding or walking/play on a regular basis.
I will discuss what you would like done and the amount of time you would like me to spend with your pets. I am  happy to do what you require in a reasonable time frame, whether it's feeding, play, cleaning cages/litter trays, or any house minding services. I do not charge by how many pets you have and I give the best possible care to all your pets.

Ipswich Pet Minding & Dog Walking Service
Locally Owned & Operated
Police Checked
Available 7 Days a week
References from any of my clients can be supplied on request
Public Holidays, School Holidays, Christmas/Easter Periods Do Not incur a surcharge
Registered Qld Business
ABN 24618327

Questions & Answers

Q:  What areas do you service?
A:  Ipswich and surrounding areas
If your unsure your area is included please give us a call to check.

Q: Is Ipswich Pet Minding a registered business?
A: Yes we are a registered Qld Business

Q: What do I need to supply before I go away?
A: We will discuss this on the initial visit. Usually it will be all dry or wet food requirements for the duration of your absence and any medications/ flea treatments  we need to administer.

Q: Why do we need an initial visit?
A: The initial visit allows us to establish your requirements, and we get to meet you and your pet. We will discuss the services available and we will obtain contact details and all information about your pet.

Q: What if my pet gets sick?
A: Sometimes these things do happen. We are happy to take your pet to it's own vet for treatment, but we will require your contact details for authority. We would also prefer a contact number for a close friend or family member who can authorize treatment if we cannot reach you directly. 

Q: Do you require direct access to my home to feed/play with my pets?
A: This will be up to the individual client. If there is easy access to your pet without entering your home, We are happy to bring the food you have supplied back and forth to each visit if it cannot be stored safely outside of the home (eg. refrigeration) If a key is to be supplied, it will be kept safe at all times and returned to you when you arrive home. All part of the service.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We are happy to accept cash or bank deposit.

Ipswich Pet Minding and Dog Walking Service was started over 6 years ago and my mission and goal has always stayed the same: take care of my customers pets like they're my own. And that means coming to you and your home to  visit/feed and play with them. I make sure that your pet  is getting the love, attention and exercise they need.

Our Aim

Any further questions you may have, please contact us either by phone or email